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April 24th, 2020    By admin    medical uniform supplier

Medical Scrubs Care Tips By Healthcare Uniform Manufacturer In Dubai

The staff at your medical institution have to work long hectic schedules in the same clothes. Even if you source the clothes from a reliable healthcare uniform manufacturer in Dubai, you have to be aware of the correct way to maintain the dresses. Medical scrubs are created with delicate material and can easily be damaged by rough handling. You need to know the proper way to take care of these important apparel items. In this article, we are discussing some handy medical scrubs care tips. These ideas will help you clean and maintain your dresses in the right way. This will ensure that your scrubs are thoroughly cleaned and last for a long time.

1. Do Not Wear A New Set Without Washing

Experts with the top medical uniform supplier in Dubai advise that you must not wear a fresh set of scrubs without washing them first. Every new set must be washed before it is used. The garment must be washed with cold water. Do not use any soap or detergent and only half a cup of vinegar to the water. Remember to wash the scrubs separately and do not mix them with other clothes. The idea behind this kind of pre-treatment is to prevent the fading of the apparel later on. An initial wash conducted in this way will prevent your uniform from fading early.

2. Use A Washing Technique That Suits The Material

Incorrect washing methods are one of the biggest reasons healthcare uniforms become unusable quickly. You must use a washing technique that is suitable for the material of the clothes. An apparel made with 100% cotton cloth must not be washed in warm water. Moreover, when it is put in a dryer, you must ensure that the tumble dry setting is at the lowest. This will prevent the shrinking of the garment. The best way is to hang it so that it dries naturally. Scrubs made with a mix of polyester and rayon must also be washed with cold water and dried naturally. You must ask your medical uniform manufacturer in Dubai for detailed washing instructions.

3. Scrubs Must Always Be Washed Separately

One of the most basic medical scrubs care tips is to always wash them separately. Ask any experienced healthcare uniform manufacturer in Dubai and this is the first advice that you will get. The reason behind this is simple. Mixing the scrubs with other garments will expose all the clothes to harmful germs that may have got attached to the medical uniform. In case, your dress gets more dirty than usual, you can put it through two cycles to clean it thoroughly. If the washing gets delayed, store the clothes in a disposable bag. Make sure that the bag is disposed of properly once the apparel is sent for cleaning.

4. Know The Methods To Remove Common Stains

Healthcare uniforms can be exposed to unique types of stains. The most common of them is blood. Wet a bloodstain and rub it with a detergent bar. Continuing rubbing under running cold water until the stain disappears. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove tough spots. According to a top doctor uniform supplier in Dubai, sweating is another common cause of stains. You can soak the spots in cold water and vinegar to remove them. Urine stains must be treated in a mixture of ammonia and cold water so that the foul odor is also removed along with the spots. If an oil-based ointment or cream has left a bad mark on your dress, you must sprinkle some baby powder on it. Once it is absorbed by the powder, you can wash to remove the spot.

5. Ironing The Uniform Will Kill Germs

Most of us think that ironing removes wrinkles from the clothes and allows us to look smart in pressed dresses. But do you know that ironing is also effective in killing germs? An expert nurse uniform supplier in Dubai says that a hot iron will kill all the germs that have survived pre-treatment or washing. Another handy tip is to keep at least two sets of scrubs. Wear a new set during every shift. This will ensure that you always have a fresh pair of uniforms to wear.

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