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May 8th, 2020    By admin    aviation uniform supplier

Pilot Uniform Guide By Aviation Uniform Manufacturer In Dubai

Have you ever wondered while pilots of all commercial airlines are clad in a specific uniform? In this post, the top aviation uniform manufacturer in Dubai will provide you with an exhaustive answer to the question. It will also shed light on the nature of the different elements that combine to form the coordinated dressing solution for pilots. The uniform worn by pilots is part of the branding of an airline company. It not only projects a sophisticated image but the different symbols integrated into it provide the necessary information of the wearer to an onlooker. Let’s see how the modern dress code that is used by pilots across the world came into being.

History Of The Pilot Uniform

When you approach a pilot uniform manufacturer in Dubai, there is not much brainstorming involved in identifying the perfect solution for your airline. The only information that the service provider will need is about the ranks of the fliers and other crew. It will be pertinent to go back in time to understand how the present attire came into being. The credit for the present-day format of the pilot dress goes to the Pan American Airways that created this style in the early 1940s. Before that commercial flyers like their military counterparts used to wear bomber jackets and helmets made of leather. They also had brown pilot goggles and boots just like their colleagues in the military. Pan American Airways created the template which is still being used by airlines around the world. It created the solution for pilots of its seaplanes that could land on water. They took inspiration from naval uniforms to create the apparel.

Elements Of The Modern Pilot Uniform

Let us now discuss the key elements that are used for creating modern-day dressing solutions for commercial pilots.

1. Shirt

You do not need to be the best pilot uniform supplier in Dubai to identify the color of the shirt worn by pilots. Jog your memory and recall when you saw pilots at airports or in a movie. Chances are the professionals would be wearing a white shirt. The sleeves can be short or full but the color will invariably be white. There will be epaulets on each shoulder. These bars denote the rank of the wearer. Four stripes signify that the person is the captain and the leader of the crew of a flight. If the person is wearing three stripes, then he/ she will be the senior first office. In the absence of the captain, he will be the chief pilot and if the captain is present he will be assigned the duty of the co-pilot. Two stripes are worn by first officers and a single stripe denotes that the person is a trainee.

2. Trousers

Ask any aviation uniform manufacturer in Dubai about the trousers worn by pilots and the agency will tell you that they use formal dress trousers. These pants are usually in the same color as that of the blazer. Another point to note is that the color of the trousers will be dark not only to match the blazer but also to contrast with the white shirt. These trousers are usually made of a combination of fabrics. Sometimes wool blended with an artificial fabric like nylon is used and on others, cotton replaces wool to achieve the same result. The trousers of a pilot uniform can be flat or pleated.

3. Blazers

Blazers are one of the most important elements of a pilot’s dress. Their styling is similar to the one used in the coats of business suits. The blazers can have two or three buttons depending on the current fashion trend. The top airlines uniform manufacturer and supplier in Dubai points out that one of the most important aspects of the blazer is wings that are placed above the left breast pocket. Another key element in the blazer’s design is the rank stripes on the sleeves of the blazer. The buttons of the uniform item are with silver or brass finishing.

4. Caps And Shoes

Wearing a cap is not compulsory in most airlines while some ask their staff to use them along with the winter uniform. They are akin to military caps with a stiff appearance. The color of the hat will usually match with that of the blazer. At the front, you will find the badge. A set of embroidered leaves is placed on the visor. The color of these decorative elements is generally in gold. Experts at the top airline uniforms company in Dubai say that pilots wear formal dress shoes in black color to complete their look.

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