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April 10th, 2020    By admin    aviation uniform supplier

5 Design Tips From Top Air Hostess Uniform Supplier In Dubai

Uniforms are one of the most critical requirements for any new aviation company in the UAE. You have to find the best air hostess uniform supplier in Dubai to create custom dressing solutions for your crew. Dubai is one of the major aviation hubs in the world. It is home to numerous small and large enterprises in the vertical. Due to such a crowded space and intense competition, it is necessary that your branding elements are designed perfectly. Flight attendants are brand ambassadors of your airline. They must leave a good impression on everyone through impeccable behavior and sophisticated dressing sense. Before you find the right aviation uniform supplier, it is necessary to know how stylish and long-lasting apparel can be created for your workforce. Here are some valuable tips that will help you in the purpose.

1. Select A Material Known For Its Durability

Most entrepreneurs are concerned about the design and look of the dressing solution. This is a valid concern but giving overdue importance to styling can make you lose sight of durability. It is vital to choose a fabric that is known for its long-lasting nature. Your flight crew will use the attire on a regular basis and if it is made of poor quality fabric, then it will increase your expenses. You will be spending more money on maintaining or replacing the dresses. This is why it is important to select a renowned aviation uniform supplier in Dubai. The agency will consider various factors such as the working hours and the climate of the destinations being visited by the users to identify a suitable material. This will help you acquire a long-lasting apparel solution for your cabin crew.

2. Ensure That The Dresses Allows Attendants To Work Easily

The in-flight staff have to work for long hours. Some international flights can take more than 10 hours and the cabin crew have to look after the passengers throughout the duration of the journey. It is essential that the solution offered by the flight attendants uniforms company in Dubai is comfortable. The apparel must allow the users to move freely and conduct all their functions without any trouble. Since they have to spend a long time in the same clothes, the comfortable nature of the dresses becomes even more important. Choose a reliable service provider that has experience in crafting custom coordinated dressing solutions. Such an agency will be able to take accurate measurements of your staff and provide them with well-fitted clothes.

3. Integrate Local Tradition And Company Values In The Design

Once you have identified a suitable fabric and format for the new uniform, it is time to plan the design. Every company wants to create a distinctive image but you have to take care that the design does not become too weird. If you are not careful, then you can easily choose a style that does not resonate strongly with the target audience. You must integrate the traditional elements of the geographical location to which the airline belongs, into the dresses. It will also be pertinent to weave in t5he values of your organization into the apparel styling. Partnering with a top air hostess uniform supplier in Dubai will allow you to create an effective design that will be liked by your audience.

4. Uniform Must Complement The Aircrafts’ Decor

Designing an airline’s flight crew’s apparel is an intricate task. Apart from including the traditional and cultural elements, it is also important to take care of some practical factors. The dresses must be in synchronization with the existing branding elements being used by your organization. Moreover, the design must complement the decoration of the aircraft. You have to be careful while choosing the colors of the clothes as they must not clash with the shades of seats, curtains, and decorations used inside the airplanes. You must select a reputable air hostess uniform manufacturer that has handled such projects before to achieve the best results.

5. Choose A Hygienic Fabric To Protect Your Staff’s Health

As mentioned before in-flight crew have to spend long hours in the same clothes while performing their duties. It is essential that the fabric selected for making the apparel is breathable and absorbs sweat. This will help the users to maintain their hygiene for longer duration without the fear of developing any health issues. Identify a dependable aviation uniform manufacturer in Dubai that can advise you on the best material for preserving hygiene. This will enable you to get a health-friendly dressing solution for your staff.

Why Golden Quality Uniform Is The Best Air Hostess Uniform Supplier In Dubai?

Flight attendant uniforms are an essential part of your branding strategy and must be crafted with care. Golden Quality uniform is a top air hostess uniform supplier in Dubai that caters to airline companies across the UAE and GCC. The agency has a team of expert designers who have vast experience in designing apparel for pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff. The professionals will select the right fabric and styling elements for your brand. The aviation uniform manufacturer has a team of the best tailoring professionals who are skilled at creating well-fitting clothes. Contact the best pilot and air hostess uniform manufacturer in Dubai to get top-grade custom dressing solutions.